Receiving my own messages from a group

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I send a message to a group, or reply back to a message from a group. Message is delivered to the group.

I would also receive my message in back my inbox.

How can this be stopped?

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Thanks Salvatore

Apparently this fix has not yet arrived at Outlook for Windows 10, eventhough it might be working for Office 365.

You're welcome.

But I am not sure I understand exactly what you say...

The new behavior has been completely rolled out (to the backend), hence there is nothing that should be fixed in Outlook.

You should just now see the following: you send a message to a Group or reply to a message from a Group. The message is delivered to the Group and is available in the Group's conversation archive. You will NOT receive your own message back in your inbox.

Isn't it what it is happening to you?

Unfortunately not what I am experiencing.
I still receive the mail in my inbox.
Does this happen everytime you send a *new* message to a group? Just to confirm - are you in the To: or Cc: line of this message?

I am in the group in To: line

@Ravin Sachdeva wrote:
Does this happen everytime you send a *new* message to a group? Just to confirm - are you in the To: or Cc: line of this message?


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hey guys,


I think you might be talking about different groups.

so, @Deleted what kind of group are you talking about? is it a distribution group or a Office365 group?


If it is a Distribution Group that's the expected behavior. Exchange processes DG as a list of emails so if you are a member you will also receive your email.


On the other hand if you talking about Office365 groups, you shouldn't be receiving your own emails in your mailbox as mentioned by @Salvatore Biscari and @Ravin Sachdeva


hope this helps.

Correct Ricardo
I was referring to the behaviour of Outlook as a “stand alone” and not part of the 365 suit.
This behaviour is however new to me, as it changed when I updated my office suit 2 months ago.
Can it be changed in settings?

The only way I can think of is creating a rule to delete messages where the sender is you. 

If you are doing a reply all, Outlook should remove your address from the reply, but if you are sending to a Contact Group/distribution list, it won't remove your name from the group (never has). If you are sending to a mailing list group, the group settings control whether or not you get a copy back. 


Use rules to remove messages sent from your address. (blocking your address as a sender should also work, if you never send yourself legitimate email.)

My desktop Outlook application is integrated with Office 365, and I created a 365 group for a distribution list without realizing I also had the option to create a Contact group (would've preferred the latter in this case). Because I'm sending important messages with timely content, is there a way to change my settings so that messages I send do get delivered to my inbox as confirmation that the group is actually receiving them?

@Amber_Jones Did you even get a solution to this? I'm facing the same challenge.

@ben_thoele  In the group mailbox, you should have an option for group settings - one of the options is to follow in inbox. That should send you a copy of all messages delivered to the group. 

 @Diane Poremsky  Could you repost that screen snip?

@Diane Poremsky Thanks for that screenshot.  I just wanted to confirm my experience for anyone who is interested.  When a member of a group sends an email to an Office 365 group and the "Send copies of group conversations and events to group members" option is set in the Microsoft Office 365 admin center under groups for that group, all members of the group will receive an email in there primary Outlook Inbox except for the member sending the email.  All members regardless of being the author of an email will receive a copy of the email in the Outlook "groups" folder list view. 


That's one more setting (OL Online) to receive your own emails