New Outlook Working Offline: Coming in February/March 2024


***Update: The date was changed from January to February/March. 


Starting in February 2024, the "first set" of Working Offline capabilities for the New Outlook for Windows will be available to all users.

This feature will allow you to access your mail, calendar events, and contacts even when you're not connected to the internet since they will be stored on your device. Also, you can still perform important actions on your mail, such as flagging, moving, deleting, and composing new messages to ensure your productivity remains uninterrupted even when you're offline while at the airport or home office.




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With my New Outlook user hat on :smile:, several questions came to mind about working offline.  

Gio, There is one reference that I need clarification on. What does "first set of capabilities" mean?

I am aware users will have the flexibility to choose the number of days to download messages to mobile devices is coming soon. 


  • My concern is storage space for these files on both mobile and PC. 
  • The syncing process will surely be done when online. However, will that then take the data offline to strictly online or share properties for both offline and online?
  • What's in the pipeline for future releases that you can share?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Did it not happen in January? I still don't have offline support of any kind