Microsoft has LOCKED me out of my OWN ACCOUNT

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I have been trying to recover an old hotmail account of mine that I have been locked out of. I was locked out because the account was hacked and used for, I can only assume, malicious things or spam. The hacker changed all of my recovery information, I have attempt to do password recovery, I have filled out the ACSR form probably six+ times. Nothing works. I have read about many people who have run into the same issue as me. Microsoft has automated the whole process so its extremely difficult to talk to an actual human representative and then when I am able to its some poor outsource individual who has to follow a VERY limited procedure and essentially just ends ups directing me back to the automated system forms because they cant go off script and actually help me. Its insanely frustrating. There should be some manual way to reset the account. I've been willing to provide my ID, my passport.. Whatever it takes, but again thats not apart of the produre. The email is tied to other apps that are important like paypal, spotify, fb etc.. so its pretty essential that I recover it. I am extremely disappointed in Microsoft. I have been using their system since I was a kid. I made the first email I ever had with them and have been with them for two decades. Now to have their extremely ill thoughtout and what can only be described as lazy (likely cost effective) "security measures" be doing the opposite of what they are meant to be doing is very upsetting. If there is an actual representative that can help me who is not going to redirect me for the 100 time to a form I've already filled out I would really appreciate it.
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