Scheduling Customer Meeting with Cortana
Published Apr 24 2017 06:27 AM 11.8K Views

Scheduling a meeting with people inside your company is easy, when you can view their free/busy information, but trying to meet with an external customer takes more coordination and communication.




Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) now saves you time by enabling Cortana to assist you in scheduling your customer meetings.




When replying to an email requesting a meeting by your customer, open Customer Manager and select "Ask Cortana to schedule”. OCM will initiate a reply on your behalf and include Cortana in the cc, along with the following text "I'm including my assistant Cortana, she'll find 30 minutes for us to meet next week."  Of course, you can freely modify the text for your specific needs.




Once you have delegated the meeting scheduling to Cortana, she will reach out to your customer. Using your calendar, preset preferences, and any additional contextual information from the email, Cortana determines your best available times and offers them to your customer via email to confirm a schedule that works for them.



Your customer can reply directly in the email with preferred meeting time and Cortana will send a meeting invite with the agreed time slot.



That's it. No more back-and-forth emails to find a meeting time.
Cortana meeting assistant on OCM is currently available as preview feature to the first 1000 First Release English users who sign up. A user with O365 global administration role must first sign up before the option becomes available to all other OCM users in the organization.
Let us know what you think about the feature and submit request to Outlook user voice to make this feature generally available.

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