Outlook for Mac now supports swipe gesture customization in Insider Fast
Published Feb 13 2018 02:58 PM 19.3K Views

You can now customize the action for swipe left and swipe right in Outlook Preferences.


These preferences will also allow you to turn off swipe gestures completely.


This feature is available in Insider Fast starting in version 16.11 (180214) and requires activation via Office 365 subscription


To do this open Outlook Preferences (Outlook > Preferences) and click on Reading: 


Outlook > Preferences > ReadingOutlook > Preferences > Reading


At the bottom of this section, you can change the swipe gestures to one of the following.

  • Delete
  • Archive
  • Mark as Read
  • Flag
  • None


To turn gestures completely off, simply set both swipe left and swipe right to None. 


Please provide feedback and report issues via Help > Contact Support. If you would like to see other enhancements in Outlook for Mac, please vote for your feature request via Help > Suggest a Feature.


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