New Online Interactive Guides!

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Love it; very helpful.

Just worked through this presentation. It is certainly a worthwhile product upgrade, and the guide is also worthwhile. FYI - you might like to show a realistic representation of the site's speed. While viewing the guide, I was logged into the real product, and it is *MUCH* slower than the instantaneous response in the guide ;)


Will Microsoft include interactive guides for other product lines such as Azure?

@Ron Howard all Azure self-paced learning is available here:


I don't believe they have an learning modules in the "click-through" format however there is a large inventory of Azure labs to choose from.



Appreciate it @Michael Kophs I knew about the labs, but I found the click through documentation nice and it would be nice to have docs for Azure with some of the same features without having to spin up a lab.  

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance
Incredible! I am SO glad I came across this, this is going to be an incredible resource for me, I can already see
are there any plans to update these,
This post is getting a bit old - have there been any updates in the last year? Also, is there an index page for these click-through tutorials? I see a couple posts in this forum listing some, and I've snagged a couple others through random guides from MS (e.g. optimizing delivery of W10 updates delivery of Windows 10 updates), but I've searched without any success for the "home page" that lists all the click-through guides. One shouldn't have to use Bing to hunt down these things. Thanks in advance!
Can we have the complete list of Interactive Guides?
Thank You