Will Personal Vault also be available on OneDrive for Business?

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With the announcement of Personal Vault on OneDrive I was wondering if it will also be available on OneDrive for Business? 

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They said nothing about that! Maybe further on! Business has the overall office 365 security features also

@Joost Koopmans At the end of the announcement the following where posted "

"To learn more about all the advanced protection features included in Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscription"
I think Unified labeling is the related solution for Business/Enterprise/Education.

@Joost KoopmansIt would be an essential feature. As it is now a O365 tenant admin can access your onedrive files very easily

And that is why people should be using their own OneDrive for anything personal. You can use both at the same time; but, you should not have personal information on business machines.