using Onedrive on my mac

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when i relinked my mac with onedrive, it started madly downloading files - until it simply filled up all the space i had, after which i could not use the computer.

I need onedrive, because it has all my user files - and i share them with my PC.

I ask here, because a.) MS technicians don't know much about onedrive, and b.) MS does not have technical support for onedrive (for me, at least).

I need to know

- can i link my mac to the onedrive cloud (so i can upload) but not have it try to dump all my files into my mac, and

- can i delete local copies of my files but not delete the cloud copies?

I would be grateful for this sorely-needed advice.

(And yes, i looked, but did not find any articles with specific answers to this.)

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@jim_wixson  The solution on Mac is no different to Windows. Both platforms require a certain version number to support Files on Demand. For Mac, it is Catalina (10.15)

See, for example,

@Mike Williams 


I have worked on a iMac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5.

And I just bought a PC laptop, together with Microsoft 365 license so that I'm enabled to access 1T Onedrive. 

Now I'd like to install the application for synchronizing my files from the iMac to OneDrive. But I get a message saying it cannot be installed (see attached). Is there any solution?

If files can't be synchronized automatically, I'd like to put them safe on the OneDrive at least. 

Thanks for you help. 


@CleFer  Please don't piggy-back new issues onto old requests, not least because it means that everyone following the old issue is notified by every reply to your unrelated problem.


I don't use a Mac so I can't help. Please contact Microsoft support.