User is unlicensed, but user OneDrive site is provisioned?

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I noticed some of the users in our tenant are showing as unlicensed user, but their ODB site is provisioned and then can access the site.


Is this possible, if so what is logic behind ?





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When was the licenses withdrawn?
Do they have a SPO license? Or are they totally unlicensed?

When I search user in O365 Tenant, uses is appearing as "Unlicensed".

Do you know when the license were removed?

I am not sure when license removed.


As I know tenant admin did some bulk ODB provisioning and site creation for 100+ users, is it possible to do bulk ODB provisioning for unlicensed users?




Yes, if they ran it and didn't restrict it based on licensed users it will still provision sites for unlicensed users. My guess is they have sites, but those users can't login and access it via their but can direct URL?