User has no permissions on OneDrive for Business

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One of the users cannot access her own OneDrive. We noticed it when the OneDrive client could not even sync a single file/folder. We then browsed to OneDrive and found that she only had the "Flow" menu item. When we compared it to my OneDrive I had "New", "Upload", "Sync" and "Flow" menu items. 

It feels like her OneDrive is deactivated or something, like what happens to private OneDrives after a year if you never start using it.

Anyone who knows how to fix this or perhaps has a link to where I can read more about it?



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Hi @Peter_Liljenroth

Is OneDrive for Business turned on within her user licence in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre under Active Users > [Select User] Licences and Apps?

A few other questions?
1.) Has the user ever been able to access OFB as you are able to?
2.) Has the user ever been deleted and recreated?

Let me know how it goes!

Best, Chris
@Christopher Hoard thanks for your suggestions.

Yes, user has checks in the boxes for "Office 365 Business Premium" as well as "Office 365 E2". And below "Apps" everything is checked but MDM.

Answers to your questions:

1) User was provisioned 4-5 years ago but never started to work with OFB so I don't know really. But synking other SharePoint sites and Teams sites works well. 

2) Could have been so, but if so a long time ago (years). Do you know if that is that still in any log I can check?




You could take a look in the OneDrive/SharePoint admin section at the User Profile.
Manage User Profiles

Then search for that user ID.
Use Drop Down next to user account , select Manage site collection owners
Make sure the User is in Both Primary Site Collection Administrator and the Site Collection Administrators sections.

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Great suggestion @Forrest Hoffman.

If that doesn't resolve it, it's probably a ticket at that point!

Best, Chris
Forrest, thanks a lot for the suggestion. The user was in both sections, so there was nothing obvious to do there. But I added myself to it, browsed to the user's OneDrive and found that I saw the "New" and "Upload" menu items there. :)
Perhaps there something with Christophers second question above, that the user has been recreated and is somehow mapped to the wrong personal site, the one of the deleted account?
I will need to check the URL for the user. Either way, it's probably a ticket anyway to solve it.
Thanks a lot for your suggestions guys.