Unable to share folders from desktop

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Users are unable to share folders from within their synced folders in File Explorer (right click folder name > share)

When trying to do so the following error message appears: "Sorry, we cannot reach the server at the moment. Please try again later"

Sharing the same folder via the browser is not an issue. Any idea why this might be? Anyone else seeing this?



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All you're users are experiencing this including yourself? What version onedrive client?
All users. Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Latest production build, eg 18.172.0826.0010
Various networks.

strange! My version is later though and working

Odd. Any chance on connecting to a personal PC to your onedrive? Then you can determine if it's something tenant setting related or some kind of AV/Security software that might be deployed org wide causing the issue?

Hi @Philine von Guretzky,


Are you still experiencing this issue today? Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Hi @Stephen Rice,

yes this issue unfortunately still persists.
Any pointers as to why?


Hi @Philine von Guretzky,


I'm sorry to hear that! Can you take a Fiddler trace with HTTPS decrypted & send it to me in a PM? That will help us investigate further! Thanks!

Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II



I´m having same problem and also some of my colleagues but not all. This started for some days ago.

I have noticed this is just an issue if I share to default setting "Anyone". If i change to "People in my organisation", "People with existing access" or "Specific people" then it will work.