Two onedrive for business file explorer "Onedrive - companyname" entries

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Hi Everyone,


I have a user with two "OneDrive - CompanyName" entries in their file Explorer after installing the onedrive.exe downloaded from Microsoft last week. [see the attached image]


Each one says the same thing "OneDrive - CompanyName" but each has a different Cloud icon. One has the most recent version of OneDrive single cloud blue icon, the other has two dark blue clouds as it's icon.

Clicking on each one shows the same files

We've tried:

- rebooting

- unsynching onedrive from the single blue cloud icon in the task bar

- looking through the registry


any ideas on how to get this user to just a single "OneDrive - CompanyName" entry in their file explorer ?

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@Dorje McKinnon First check how many accounts they have in your tenant. ( Go to OneDrive client app - Settings: Accounts). It may be that they have multiple email addresses and each of these is giving them separate OneDrive accounts in your tenant.  I have a staff + test account that manifests like this.


However the two different cloud icons seen suggests that they have multiple versions of OneDrive client running. Suggest you check their Windows builds and clean-up the installation.

@Dorje McKinnon 

also try removing OneDrive Credentials from Control Panel ==> User ==> Credential Manager 

in some cases that will remove duplications. 


Many thanks @Mike Williams  I'll test this today.



Hi @MuazOnline 


I've just tested this and this didn't solve my issue. Thanks for the reply though. I'm still stumped as to what is causing this.



Hi @Mike Williams 

Nope my users doesn't have two account in AD on premise or in Azure AD.


The user was setup with their account as FullFirstName.LastName and then later it was changed to ShortFormFirstName.LastName


Could this impact my situation ?

If the user setup old OneDrive (groove.exe) using FullFirstName.LastName but then setup new OneDrive (onedrive.exe) with ShortFormFirstName.LastName

@Dorje McKinnon It's conceivable but not something we can test. After checking that no instances of either client executable is in memory, I would try scouring the registry and %appdata% for "detritus" ... but re-setting Windows might be faster and more productive.

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@Mike Williams  and @MuazOnline 


Many thanks for your quick replies and help.

It turned out  that for some reason (I don't know why) when OneDrive.exe was installed it didn't take over groove.exe as normally happens. Both ended up running in parallel synchronizing the same folder.
What worked for this user was:
If a user has 2 OneDrive for business entries in the left hand side of File explorer. One with 2 clouds (groove.exe) and one with one clouds (onedrive.exe) then to resolve this I did the following:
Both groove.exe and onedrive.exe were in the startup area. I removed groove from startup, I unsynched groove.exe from the Onedrive folder it and onedrive.exe were pointing to. I stopped groove. When the user rebooted, file explorer only showed onedrive a single time with the onedrive.exe icon.
Hope is that when kass reboots groove won't start up again.