There was a problem connecting to OneDrive (Error Code: 0x8004de40)

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Been struggling with this all day trying to get OneDrive installed and signed in for a user. Every time I get the error message in the subject line. I have tried many of the suggestions online of resetting winsock, flushdns, reset onedrive from command line and nothing seems to fix this problem for this one person. I have others I setup today and they all work fine. The error code suggests internet connection. The connection is fine and I can browse the web, open email, I can even open OneDrive online and it works fine. All apps work fine except OneDrive signing into this computer.

Any suggestions I can try. I have uninstalled the complete Office programs, rebooted and reinstalled everything. I just cannot get OneDrive to finish installing when trying to sign in the account, I get the error code and will not continue. Just a button at the bottom to "Try Again" which I have tried repeatedly.

Not sure what is wrong or why it will not sign into the OneDrive app on the computer. Like I say it works fine online.

Any help would be appreciated.


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@HarleyRider Did you ever get this issue resolved?  One of my users is having the same problem.





hello, i have exactly the same issue. tried everything but nothing helps to resolve this problem...

@AMcCainNo I did not. Must be something with the PC itself as I installed a new PC at the location and it works fine now. Sorry I couldn't help.  


same issue here ... tried to connect on a different pc and all worked fine... uninstalled, cleaned out regedit, no use ... 


Over here it did happen after I changed the email adress (domain) of the user...

hello everyone, i think i've found the reason of 0x8004de40
i used fiddler, a web debugger and find that if 0x8004de40 occurs, all https shakehand is ssl3.0 or tls1.0, while microsoft server needs TLS1.2
it might be useful if you open setting of IE, check the tls1.2 box. but this often useless. then you need a local mitm software(like fiddler) to change the certificate version, so that your onedrive could connect to the server.