Team Library Sync bug if user's account has embedded space

Steel Contributor

I found what seems like a bug in ODfB Team Library sync. If this is a known issue, then sorry to re-report it here.


ODfB sync client version 2016 build 17.3.6816.0313.


1) User is logged into local account with name "Joe Smith" (note the space in user name)

2) Open browser, navigate to team site library and click "Sync"

3) Error: "This app can't open" - it's trying to open a program/app named "Joe"


I tracked down the root cause to the shell opener in the registry for OneDrive. The command is missing quotes around the program executable path, and therefore, for those instances where the local path to the program has the user name with a space, the program name and command is not parsed correctly resulting in the error. Adding in quotes fixes the problem.


Reg Key: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\odopen\shell\open\command


The (default) value looks like this:

     C:\Users\Joe Smith\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe /url:"%1"


I changed it as follows (by surrounding the EXE path with quotes) and it works now:

     "C:\Users\Joe Smith\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe" /url:"%1"


Can anyone else verify this bug? 

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