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File tagging is a feature that is not available in Onedrive for Business yet, although competing cloud storage providers are already there (https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/one-drive-files-tagging/a92a6323-46e0-4be3-a1...).  


Can Microsoft confirm that tagging will be available in a new release of OfB ? 

The reason I'm asking is that we want to deploy OfB in our company but need an easy way of organizing or folders and files, so that it would be easy to retrieve a folder or file.   A feature like tagging (or similar way of managing files) would be very helpfull.


If a tagging feature would become available, when will it be released ?


Thanks for the info.


Joeri Michiels

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You should simply used SharePoint Online instead of OneDrive for Business to store and classify your files. There is plenty of option within SharePoint online libraries and search to achieve that. You will still be able to use the OneDrive sync client if you want your file locally but will not be able to efficiently use tagging.