Synced file won't open in File Explorer

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Hi all,


Technically a SharePoint issue, but since it's sync related I figured I'd post it here.


I have a user who has synced a document repository to their file explorer but cannot open one specific file. They have received various different error messages, including "Cannot open the file because the file path exceeds 259 characters" and others, at times he'll receive no error message but the file simply won't open.


The file, however, can be opened elsewhere. He can open it in the SharePoint team site then select 'Open in desktop', he can open Excel and find the file through there and open with no issues, he just simply cannot open it through the file exlporer.


We've tried unsyncing and syncing again, rebooting device, checking for updates, restarting file explorer, renaming the file, repairing the file... I'm stumped! Any help is appreciated.



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