Shared Folders - Expired Links or Missing Folders

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Hello Hive Mind !


My colleague in the same Office 365 org shared folders with me via One drive for Business, they had been listed in the 'Shared with Me' area no problem, great !


But now after a few weeks those folders are not listed in my 'Shared with Me' area?? Even though the source folder on my colleagues One Drive FB states it is shared with me. :(


What's going on? Have you seen this before- is it Working as Designed?


Thanks All.

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Some indexing issue I guess. The easiest way to solve is to ask him to reshare, probably :)


Or you can try rebuilding the index:

Hi @James Rivers,


This definitely doesn't sound expected! We're actually doing some pretty heavy work underneath the covers on Shared With Me right now which may solve this issue. Stay tuned for the announcement on when this work goes live and then if it happens again, let me know. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II