Shared folders are empty in OneDrive on mobile devices

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Shared folders are shown in OneDrive app on mobile devices, but are empty with size 0 KB. The issue exists only on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), but doesn't exist in OneDrive web and desktop apps. Current version: 6.64.

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Same problem a year later! This issue is affecting a shared folder on a SharePoint group.

@RaeCharlie or @AtanasM  Any luck this this?


I've had a ticket going for about a year, but Microsoft never managed to to fixed this. I dont know how many hours I've spent, but it is ridiculous. I've done everything, from screen recording, fiddler network capture, dozens of remote sessions with Microsoft support. 


I have basically handed over all posssible information, and this summer they decided just to close the ticket because I was away on vacation for a couple of weeks. 

I have the problem only for users not in the primary domain. Maybe this information could help you. @BKalbakk