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Is anybody aware of a report or method for an end user to view all their OneDrive for Business files and folders they have shared with other users?

I can see files and folders shared with me, but I can’t see a single pane of glass that shows files and folders I have shared with others.


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Well you can crawl the Audit logs for any events with the "shared file, folder or site"  activity, or even create alert for those. The SPO gurus here might have a way to get a full list based on item permissions.

It will interested to have this info at user-level

Hi @Paul Mitchell - during Ignite 2016, the OneDrive team shared their roadmap for the product in to H1 2017.  They expected to complete the work for a "Shared by me" view by the end of Q4 2016, but I don't believe it has shipped yet.  Check out the presentaiton here: - jump to 1h05m for the roadmap slide.




Thank you Cliff, that's good to know.
You're welcome. If I hear more, I will follow-up.