Share with anyone with the link setting is grey out, why?


Hi all


I happened to find that the 'anyone with the link' option in Share action is grey out.

I checked the sharing settings and all looks fine. Did I miss something?

Please refer below pictures.

1.png2.png2019-08-19 15_23_10.png

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Thanks. Yes I finally narrowed it down to that. We ultimately just created a team within teams to share the documents because we were not sure what would happen when we disabled that setting. The loss of creating templates doesn't bother me, but I couldn't find anything mentioning if it would change permissions or anything else and didn't want to open a new can of worms. It is nice to have info in the back pocket, though. Thanks for the follow up.
Thanks for the response. We had already set those items. It turns out for our case it was the "limited access lockdown" that was the problem. If that is on, no folder sharing. It was mentioned in the link below.
This resolved the issue I was having, thank you for providing a solution!