Share with anyone with the link setting is grey out, why?


Hi all


I happened to find that the 'anyone with the link' option in Share action is grey out.

I checked the sharing settings and all looks fine. Did I miss something?

Please refer below pictures.

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Works fine here. Don't forget that the sharing settings can be configured on the individual SC level, so even if the org-wide settings allow anonymous sharing overall, some SC/ODFB libraries might not have the option available.


In my case, I can share just fine from my personal ODFB or from a generic SPO site. I get the same behavior as you when I try to share from a Comm site or Group/Team one. When I look at the settings of the corresponding SC though, I see this:


SharingCapability                        : ExistingExternalUserSharingOnly


So it seems working as expected.

What Vasil said.

In addition to this, all Office 365 groups default to Anyone link being off.

So you have to enable that in the Sharing Capabilities either through SPO Admin center, or Powershell via set-sposite "siteurl" -sharingcapability ExternalUserAndGuestSharing
Yeah! I know this! Although my business OneDrive was greyed out this morning, but it’s fine now! Not sure if this was the case with the original post or what you said, but it must be a hell of a coincidence then :face_with_tears_of_joy:
Hi guys, Thank you all for the patients. I checked the odfb site's properties and found SharingCapability is set to Disable, maybe default value for that. When I set the value to ExternalUserAndGuestSharing by Set-SPOSite -Identity -SharingCapability ExternalUserAndGuestSharing It worked!
Per my knowledge, there is no GUI for setting the sharing option for personal odfb site, so the only way is to use PowerShell. Right?
I’ve never seen that option be disabled before on onedrive. Especially if sharing is set. Only ever seen it happen to group sites. All your onedrive sites are disabled?

@Chris Webb 

Not checked all, but maybe. After all, my tenant has been used for years. I have worked at AvePoint and tested a lot on my tenant, such as DocAve Online Central Admin. So perhaps I changed the settings then. 

Anyway, I already know why this happens. :)

Hi Justin can you share how to check the ODFB site's properties @Justin Liu ? I got the similar case here and don't know what to do.

@Justin Liu 


I am likewise trying to remedy the problem of being greyed out. My business absolutely needs to share out of company, and 365 support has directed me to the Powershell remedy, but they can't seem to get the command right. What is the proper "Set-SPOSite -Identity" command? They feel I need to identify a server site, but can't figure out what that site should be. How did you make it work?

@mdbrinn  @paulwas 

Hi guys,


Glad that this thread can make futher efforts to you. I am trying to get what I did.

First, you need to install the sharepoint online management shell.

Open it and connect to your tenant with below command for example.

Connect-SPOService -Url -credential

After this, you can get the properties of some site you want.

Below is the reference for you guys, please find the -SharingCapability related contents.


@Justin Liu hi.. what if I'm using MAC OS? do i have sharepoint management shell?


No, you can do this via SharePoint admin center now on the site details pane/ Policies tab under sharing.

To help future readers of this thread, as of  this post, to enable the Sharing Capabilities through SPO Admin center: 

Go to O365 Admin -> SharePoint -> Sites --> Active Sites. Select the team whose site you want to enable then at the top choose Sharing. The window that opens gives you the option to enable share with Anyone.
@Jeff Ballard
Thanks for updating it works good for Team. However even though the settings for the team are updated "share with anyone" still remains greyed out in a channel within the Team. Can I get help on how to fix this

@Justin Liu 

hlw same problume 

but how setting

I have a weird one. I can share docs in a folder with "anyone", but it is grayed out if I try to share the folder that the doc is in. Anyone else experience this?

@gregbutler_20et all


Came here with the same question. It seems like MS has changed the default setting for this and now I cannot share individual files or folders anymore with ppl outside my org/team


I've followed the steps on the link below and it worked.

In a nutshell, you can control site level permissions by the steps below:

  1. Open SharePoint admin center
  2. Select the site at Sites>Active Sites
  3. Click on the option <Sharing> on the toolbar after the site is selected


alternatively see

@gregbutler_20 This means you have limited access lockdown enabled on the affected site collection. Navigate to the site settings, under the site collection administration, select Site collection features, and confirm if limited access lockdown is enabled, if enabled, disable it.