"Add Shortcut to onedrive" via intune / GPO / Powershell etc

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Hi, I'm trying to migrate our company data from traditional shared drives, I'd like to be able to use the "add shortcut to OneDrive" in SharePoint document libraries to "map" each departments data into their OneDrive. Our users are particularly unskilled in IT as we a a large dairy and not part of their core skills. Is there a way to do this by policy via Intune, Powershell or GPO? I can see a way to sync document libraries automatically, but we have very large document libraries and this is not practical, I'd much rather use the newer "Shortcut to OneDrive" method.



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GPO: No. User adoption is part of "Add a shortcut to my files" story
Before you migrate into one big library, try to split it in diffrent smaller libraries, if you can

@Hans Brender Thanks, that's what I thought. I'm battling with "why cant we all just have the same password?" type queries from the farmers, so if I said "SharePoint User Adoption" I would be met with blank expressions!