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Is there an option to organize and find photos in OneDrive business same as OneDrive personal? 

Organize and find photos in OneDrive - Microsoft Support

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You can organize and find photos in OneDrive for Business in a similar way to OneDrive Personal. While the interface and some features may vary slightly, OneDrive for Business provides various tools and capabilities to help you manage and locate your photos effectively.

Here are some options available in OneDrive for Business:

  1. Folder organization: Create folders and subfolders in OneDrive for Business to organize your photos by categories, events, or any other desired criteria. You can create a folder structure that suits your needs and easily move photos between folders.
  2. Metadata and tags: OneDrive for Business allows you to add metadata and tags to your photos. This enables you to assign keywords or labels to your photos, making it easier to search and filter them based on specific criteria.
  3. Search functionality: OneDrive for Business includes a powerful search feature that allows you to find photos based on various attributes such as file names, tags, dates, and more. Use the search bar at the top of the OneDrive interface to enter relevant keywords or criteria to locate specific photos quickly.
  4. Sorting and filtering options: OneDrive for Business provides sorting and filtering options to help you organize and view your photos. You can sort photos by name, date, size, or type, and apply filters based on file attributes or metadata.
  5. Albums and collections: OneDrive for Business also offers the ability to create albums or collections, where you can group related photos together. This is particularly useful for organizing photos from specific events or projects.
  6. Thumbnail and preview view: In OneDrive for Business, you can choose between thumbnail view and preview view to visually browse and organize your photos. Thumbnail view displays smaller previews of your photos, while preview view allows you to view larger versions of the photos with additional details.

Remember to explore the specific features and options available in your version of OneDrive for Business, as they may vary slightly depending on the version and configuration.

Hi Nikolino! thanks for the reply.
How can I create Albums and collections? All the "how to" videos I find refers to OneDrive personal and not business.


OneDrive for Business does not create albums automatically. Creating Albums and Collections in OneDrive for Business depends on the specific version and configuration of your organization's OneDrive. Here are some general steps to create albums and collections if those features are available:

  1. Creating Albums:
    • Open your OneDrive for Business account and navigate to the location where you want to create the album (e.g., a specific folder).
    • Select the photos you want to include in the album by holding Ctrl and clicking on each photo.
    • Right-click on the selected photos and choose an option like "Add to album" or "Create album."
    • Follow the prompts to give your album a name and, if available, add a description or other relevant information.
    • The selected photos will be grouped together in the album, making it easier to access and organize them.
  2. Creating Collections:
    • Collections may not be a built-in feature of all versions of OneDrive for Business. If available, the process may vary depending on your specific implementation.
    • Generally, collections allow you to group related items together, such as photos from different folders or categories.
    • Look for options like "Create collection" or "Add to collection" in your OneDrive for Business interface.
    • Follow the prompts to create a collection and add the desired photos or videos to it.


It's important to note that the availability of album and collection features and the search functionality may vary depending on your organization's configuration of OneDrive for Business.

If you're unsure about specific features, it's recommended to consult your organization's IT department or refer to any documentation or guides provided by your organization for using OneDrive for Business. The steps were developed with the help of AI.