OneDrive: Unable to add shortcut for shared files under "My Files"

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There are certain files that are shared with me in SharePoint. I have the editable rights for these files. I need to access these files in tableau. So I am trying to create a shortcut of these files so that the shared files are accessible through "My Files" folder in Tableau.

I am referring to this Microsoft link but i am not getting the option "Add shortcut to OneDrive".


Can someone please help and advise what is wrong here.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 11.59.54 AM.png


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I don't know what Tableau "My Files" looks like, but if there isn't a cloud-storage mounting option, then you should sync your SharePoint files so that they are navigable from your local computer.

@Mike Williams Thank you for your reply. I was referring to the "My Files" option in OneDrive.

I can connect Tableau to only those files which appear under "My Files" In OneDrive.

Working off your screenshot, if you select the folder, do you see the "Add shortcut to My Files" option at the top of the screen or from the folder's kebab (vertical three dots) menu?

@Mike Williams No, I don't see the "Add shortcut to My Files" option anywhere. That's exactly the issue I reported here.

@PriyankaChhikara Just confirming that the folder is selected with a blue check-mark as that's not shown in your screenshot.

@Mike Williams Hi Mike, even if the folder is selected, "Add Shortcut" option doesn't show up. Neither in the three dots menu nor on the top.

@Mike Williams 
I'm shifting my team to OneDrive, the same thing we are trying to figure out for a few days.
The option to add shortcut does not appear.

@Pavel_K1165 @Mike Williams - I am told that this feature to add a shortcut in OneDrive for business will be available worldwide by the end of September 2020. Hopeful that one more week and we should see it.

@PriyankaChhikara I'm having the same issue, it's now late october and nowhere is there an option to add shortcut to my onedrive when someone external shares a folder with me.  All i can do is sync it which brings a separate sharepoint link for their ORG into my file expolrer. 

@PriyankaChhikaraI am an IT administrator with 60 users of 365 Sharepoint and I have some users with this problem. Some can see the "shortcut to My Files" option, and others cannot.  I don't know the reason or the solution.

@José Antonio Zapata Yerga Same problem here.

I'm getting crazy over this. I manage 10 users, it's working for 9 of them and there's just one that can't get the button "Add shortcut to My Drive" to appear.


@José Antonio Zapata Yerga, I'm having the same problem. Anyone have a solution to this yet? 

Hi @jhensen 


My problem was solved days later without any action. I think the users are updated by Microsoft in order, but I don't know the order.


Good luck!

@jhensen I think Microsoft is just rolling it out really slowly.  I still can't do it but I know others who can.  It's annoying. 

2022 and I'm still having the same problem. How slowly could they go. This is so frustrating.
do we have update on this? its already october 2022. :)
I was having the same issue, but I managed to get it done using the OneDrive App. Try that!

@tfawumi I tried the app and don't see a way to add shortcut to My Files. I do remember having this issue once before and a day or 2 later it showed up, but from the comments here it sounds like that might not happen for everyone.