Onedrive system-tray icon's pop-up window system message is not displaying

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Hello, I'm working in IT dept of my company.

This problem occurred on a computer newly set up & existing user's computer.


Cases are:

  1. Locale setting: CP437 & Display language: Korean & Machine A -> system message is displayed but the font is an unusual Korean font.

  2. Locale setting: CP949 & Display language: Korean & Machine A,B,C -> system message isn't displayed.

  3. Locale setting: CP437 & Display language: Korean & Machine B -> system message is displayed with the usual Korean font

  4. Locale setting: CP437 & Display language: English & Machine C -> System message is displayed with usual English font (forget this, I use English but site users doesn't want to use English as display language. Just wanted to describe that there's no problem with English as system language & display language both.)

 localedisplay_langmachineOnedrive statusnote
1CP437KRAabnormalmessages with odd Korean font
2CP949KRA, B, Cabnormalno displayed message
3CP437KRBnormalusual korean font
4CP437ENCnormalusual english font







# All machine has the same Windows & Onedrive version

Windows version: 20H2 (19042.1889)

Onedrive version: 22.166.0807.0002 (64bit)


My inquiries are:

  1. What is most likely the factor that affects the Onedrive system tray icon's pop-up window display message?  // I only recognized the locale & display language setting as the factor

  2. Did anyone witness this kind of symptom previously? If you did, how could you resolve this? I want to make Onedrive messages displayed in Korean fonts like Case 3, also with cp949.



Thank you so much for spending your time here :D

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