OneDrive Sync with long company name create file length issue

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Dear All,


We have some issues with syncing OneDrive to local computer to access via Windows Explorer.


Due to we put complete company name when we first setup O365 "Company Public Company Limited", when we sync OneDrive to local computer, it is always sync under:


C:\Users\(O365 user name)\Documents\OneDrive - Company Public Company Limited\[actual files]


So, this take up a lot of file length before actual OneDrive files.  With this, we sometimes end up having 256 characters-length limitation to open the file(s) from Windows Explorer when they are kept in sub-folder(s).


Thus, I'm thinking about shortening "Company Public Company Limited" to just "Company" or "Company PCL".  But due to the complete company name is already all over the places in O365, not sure where this is to be changed.   Already tried a few places in O365/Azure Admin page that contain our full company name, but it does not effect to how OneDrive file path syncing.


Appreciate any advice from someone who did this before.  Thank you.

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Unfortunately you cannot have this changed automatically. Basically when you sync it uses your Org name in admin center which can be changed and any new sync setup in OneDrive will use the default new name in the folder. The only option you have for fixing this is touching each client, stopping the sync, deleting the old folder, and setting up onedrive again to get the new folder.

Thanks for the advice.  Tried updating Org Name and create new sync and the folder name did reflect the shorten Org Name.  


Maybe after stop syncing -> manually rename folder in Windows Explorer to match new Org Name first -> then establish new sync again.


This may avoid the complete re-sync on the client.  


Aside from this, just wondering where else this Org Name information is used in O365.  :)

You see this in different places when you browse around office 365! If I remember correctly you see it also in the admin portal - top right corner

That's the only real place I can think of that's caused issues with anything. The other being your domain name when you setup 365 the, domain can't be changed(yet). But other than that, the OneDrive is the only place I've seen isues, and I've had the same issue myself because my company name was the full name before we abbreviated it shortly into deployment and luckily we did because we noticed the OneDrive folder issue :P.

And I forgot to hit reply here and saw Adam reply and was like where is my post? Doh!

As he says it does "Show" places all over 365, however the only real thing that I've seen it matter is OneDrive / SharePoint Sync, because if you sync with SharePoint libraries you'll also have a folder with the Company name as well.
Thanks. You and Adam answers did give me peace of mind to proceed the change. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Thanks for this post. We are having the same problem ware our tree is so big that we are running into root lenth problems,

@Athikom With the Path Too Long Auto Fixer  you can specify a max path file length. It's the 1st tool that discovers, reports and auto corrects filenames and paths that are too long to fit under the MAXPATH 260 character limit.