OneDrive stopped syncing after macOS Catalina version 10.15.3 update

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OneDrive for Mac (standalone) not syncing after recent macOS Catalina version 10.15.3.



  • Stucked at "Processing #### changes" forever (it's been more than 6 hours)
  • None of the files are syncing

Note: I have two machines and both exhibit the same symptoms above. So I doubt that there's an error on my part.


General Settings:

  • File on-demand is turned off.


Remediation actions tried to remediate but nothing is working:

  • Completely reset OneDrive – doesn't work
  • Completely reset OneDrive and uninstall and reinstall OneDrive – doesn't work
  • Temporary pausing sync and resume sync – doesn't work
  • Completely uninstall Microsoft Office and OneDrive and reinstall them again – doesn't work
  • The above steps are done with a complete restart of the operating system.
  • The above steps retried with a different office365 account and symptoms are the same.


The only way the works:

  • In the end, the only way that works is I had to erase everything in my local folder and had it sync over 100GB of files from the cloud again – this is a huge pain and great loss of time, not only does it takes a long time to sync such huge files, I had to trace files and documents that are not synced so that I may manually update it to my local in order for it to sync properly – I had many files and documents that are modified/created but not synced.


Also, the Files On-Demand, which is enabled by default, is not helpful in this situation as I had to wait for it to fully sync before I can selectively sync my files. This feature should be an opt-in option – I had my colleagues coming to me and telling me their files aren't working all a sudden because of this feature. Files On-Demand feature never worked well (especially for Mac users).


This is not the first time we have issues with OneDrive and it has proven unreliable, time and time again. I really hope this can be improved.

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@claytonchew Could you solve this? I am experiencing same issue? Tx

Just found out this morning that a bunch of files I've worked on 1.5 months ago didn't sync to OneDrive. Hugh! (Mac, Catalina).


Another file this morning that was put on OnDrive 4 hours ago was not yet synced to my computer.

@claytonchew Any luck in solving the issue? I had a user upgrade to 10.15.6 and that broke OneDrive...its not able to sync files to the computer, even though it says it is syncing..


Same situation here all the last month. Several comments sent to Onedrive team, no answer to any of them. Using Catalina 10.15.6. 

Mine is fixed. I just re-synch the problematic folder and now everything is fine. For some reason,

it had stopped synching.

Also having the same issue.

Any workaround for this?

Mac updated to catalina 10.17.5 two days ago and the problem was solved!



Already updated to 10.15.7 but still having this issue:


Always counting to about 1000 changes and then restarts counting.