OneDrive Known Folders with other redirects

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Hello and greetings from Portugal!


We're thinking about implementing the OneDrive "known folders" GPO to move desktop, documents and favorites to OneDrive this moment we already have a GPO implemented for My Documents redirection.

Does anyone knows how this will work? Do I need to remove the My Documents redirection first?


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Diogo Sousa

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It depends on how you have folder redirection setup. If your folder redirection GPO has a valid target and is applied to the same user who has KFM targeted, the GPO will always take precedence and OneDrive will error saying the known folders are already being redirected.

The way we did it was we were redirecting the users folders to "%HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH% which would depend on them having a homepath set in Active Directory, and when we wanted to move them to OneDrive, we would remove the homepath in AD which would then allow OneDrive KFM to take over.
Hi Rhys and tks for your reply. did you managed the documents the user had at %HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH%?
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We migrated in bulk using the SharePoint Migration Tool. You can build a relatively simple script to get a list of all user's OneDrive urls and their homepaths into a csv which you can then import to SPMT to upload.
Oh I see!
That seems a good way to do this! Tks Rhys
The newer versions of the OneDrive sync client will leverage KFM to migrate the files from the existing redirected UNC path and get the files to the cloud. It will also override the folder redirection back to the c: user\OneDrive folder
Hi Lou, versions? And when? :)
Diogo, it's been around for 6-12 months at this point. The OneDrive feature is called "cross volume moves" - you can see it here: and this article (at bottom) refers to steps to take to implement.
Hi Lou! Thanks for the help! I'll give it a look
Um.... This feature is not found and there is no current documentation that speaks of it other than the blog post you linked. The roadmap ID is also missing.

@Peter Holdridge - Google "OneDrive cross volume move".  That's the name of the feature.  It was announced in 2019, so it's been out long enough that it's no longer on the roadmap.  It's mentioned in this article