OneDrive just deleted all of my local documents.

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I have a PC that is attached to our Active Directory.  I have two user accounts I use.  One domain account where I'm signed into OneDrive and a local account where I'm not and store files locally.


This morning I noticed that something was wrong.  Shortcuts not working, recent files not found etc.  When I checked I found that OneDrive is suddenly signed in and my local Documents folder is now completely empty.  OneDrive has synced with my local account and deleted all of my local files.  I've been using OneDrive like this for a long time without issue.  We have our policy for OneDrive set to only allow domain accounts to sync but suddenly it's now allowing local accounts to sync.


Something has changed and it's deleted all of my local files and it appears that they're just gone without any way of recovering them.  It's not the end of the world as I have backups for most things but not everything but this is clearly not right. 


What's changed?  I can only assume there's been some sort of update to OneDrive that has caused this.


Previously even if I tried to sign in to OneDrive to sync files without being logged in with a domain account it would error out as expected, however it seems to be allowing that now when it shouldn't.  I've checked that the settings have not changed.

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On further investigation, it looks like it's merged my local files with my cloud files. Wasn't obvious at first but still this was unexpected.