OneDrive is a Pain!

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I never asked for OneDrive but unfortunately it apparently something you must accept when you have Windows 10.  Every time I insert a compact flash drive in my computer, the images are immediately uploaded to my OneDrive.  I have search and searched for a way to disable this function but I have been unsuccessful.  Can someone please relieve my pain.  Ha Ha 

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@thiirane I think before it goes on OneDrive there should at least be a choice: "Would you like these files sync'd with OneDrive".

But no it just adds them silently without you even knowing. What annoyed me the most was I unlinked One Drive until I was going to need it. But then you could no longer access My Documents etc that certain programs were using?


I felt when Microsoft was going the dot net core route and cross platform, buying Git, it really was turning a corner and being more friendly towards developers, especially a starter Dev like myself who is trying to get their foot on the ladder, but now? What else is lurking around the corner that I didn't ask for, but am feeling forced to use? All the stop backup and other options to disable etc, all lead back to not being able to use my Documents etc. Except for pause for 24hrs which I will have to do every day!


Not very appealing, as I am not a fan of my files being flung automatically up to the cloud, unless I specifically wanted such folder/files to be placed on there, just like VC with GitHub/GitLab etc. where you do have control of what gets put on there.


Not sure how this all goes with windows 11, but for now there are certain things that I develop that are not quite compatible with 11 just yet.


On a plus note it is good having folder/files backup, but only if you specifically want such things to be backed up with your permission etc. People like to feel they have control over hardware/software.