OneDrive for Business File Restrictions - What are the limits?

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I am looking to get some clarity on what exactly are the file restrictions involved with OneDrive for Business and the NGSC.


I have a user saying that he is unable to upload certain file extensions and that once he reaches the 20k files it stops him from syncing more.


It was my understanding that OneDrive for Business did not have these limitations, I have an E3 license and I have not seen any of these limitations. Could it be a license issue he is having?


Just looking for some clarification before I dive deeper into the potential issue.

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This is the article that I read before, thank you for posting it! I knew I read this somewhere and I couldn't find it for the life of me!
If the user use NGSC to sync data to ODFB, the limit of 20.000 entries no longer exist.
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