OneDrive for Business File Hover Card

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Might be a stupid question, but is this feature browser specific?  I can't seem to trigger the hover card in my Onedrive for Business.

I'm seeing a GA message in our tenant for this feature but no actual sign of it in OneDrive either on Chrome or IE?


Should we be seeing it yet?

As I understand this it represents a privacy issue for Europe.  If this is going to show if a specific person has or has not viewed a file, we are not able to use this feature and will have to turn of the generic tracker overall causing everyone to lose visibility into the number of times a file has been viewed.  Such data is critical in determining if the content a group is sharing is proving valauble or not.  

Will the same functionality come to SharePoint document libraries? I now get the message "We can't show who viewed this item yet" I'm the author of that document.

In OneDrive for Business it works as designed. It's a nice feature although I expect some privacy concerns from our users.


Same here, over a month later :(
Personally, I don't believe this actually exists; I cannot find a screenshot anywhere...

You mean the file hover card in OneDrive for Business? I have it for two weeks now.


I don't get that anywhere in OneDrive for Business when hovering over a file. We are definitely on First Release so we've probably just not gotten it yet. Thanks!

Yep no hover cards appeared yet in our Australian Tenant.

I am now seeing a file hover card in the OneDrive online but it keeps interfering with the "Show Actions" button.  The card comes up, I select the Actions button and they both disappear.  Different behavior in different browsers atm so the change is most frustrating.

This feature is highly irritating so far. It interferes with the context menu when you right click, making it disappear, you have to then move far enough right before you right click so that the Hover Card doesn't display and close the menu!!!


It also appears to scroll the view when it disappears!!!! So, if I hover over a file then move my mouse to another file the view scrolls upwards, what a total pile!!


Please get rid of it, it's worse than useless!!!


Who in Microsoft tests this stuff?

I've not seen this functionality here in Canada West. I've read all I can and can't see anything I need to do to "turn it on". Thoughts?