OneDrive for Business Dependencies

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I have a customer who for various reason i can't go in to would like to disable OneDrive for Business (Office 365) sites and instead use another method of providing personal storage. Whilst I know you can "Disable OneDrive" in User Profile settings I need to know what knock on effects this is going to have.


Can anyone point me in the direction of a list of services/functionality that will stop working or disappear if I Disable OneDrive?




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Most important service that will be affected is Teams and chats features that uses ODFB when files are shared in a chat
Thanks Juan
Do you know if the SharePoint home page is affected? I know previous on-prem versions required personal storage to remember followed sites not sure if it still works in the same way.
Ey Michael,
Pretty sure it's not affected since in the SPO page you don't see any ODFB information...I have just recalled that another features that could be affected are the Move and Copy actions that you have in any document library that allows to Move and Copy content to ODFB