OneDrive for Business and OneDrive with SharePoint on-prem

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A client is evaluating the options for OneDrive. They are on SharePoint 2013 and not using the sync client. They also have no strategy yet about SharePoint migration.

One option for them is to start using the sync client (Groove.exe because the new OneDrive does not work with SP2013).

Their computers run Win10 so they already have OneDrive.exe but its usage/start is prevented by group policies. 

My question is if they deploy Groove.exe is this going to work or mess things up by having also OneDrive.exe?

Maybe they can still use the GP to block OneDrive.exe but not Groove.exe?


I am assuming the below won't happen because OneDrive.exe does not work wit SP2013

Transition from the previous OneDrive for Business sync client | Microsoft Docs

  • If the new OneDrive sync client can take over syncing a library, the previous sync client stops syncing it and the new OneDrive sync client takes over syncing it without re-downloading the content. If the new OneDrive sync client can't sync the library, the previous sync client continues to sync it. If a library requires checkout or has required columns or metadata, it will be synced read-only.

  • The previous sync client stops running and removes itself from automatic startup, unless it's still syncing libraries that the new OneDrive sync client can't sync.

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If at all possible avoid groove client like the plague. If no one is using it yet I would recommend either doing an upgrade / quick migration to SharePoint 2019 for your OneDrive if you can’t move to Onedrive 365.

The groove client was pretty unstable and can be problematic over time.
Well, an upgrade to SharePoint 2019 is not quick at all because you need to migrate first to SP 2016 and depending on what they have in SP 2013, the migration can be also complex. Also the decision to move to a nex OnPrem version can take some time