OneDrive can't sync [SharePoint library] - try again later

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One of our users is getting this message when trying to add SharePoint sync locations:


She's on a Mac, running OS X 10.15.7 and the latest version of the OD sync client from the App Store. Her OneDrive is syncing OK, and she was able to sync a couple of SharePoint libraries, but at this point cannot add any more locations. I know there are performance limits when syncing more than 100k items across all locations (OneDrive and SharePoint), and it's possible she's close to that number, but I believe the hard/technical limit is much higher (300k items). Also, I'd hope that if the number limit were the source of the issue, the message would indicate that. Something like "You're trying to sync too many items". 


As info, this user was previously having issues syncing one library in particular which had upward of 42,000 items in it. I advised her to split that into multiple separate libraries and sync only those she really needs in order to keep the total items per library below the recommended 5,000 item limit. As I said, she was able to sync some of those new libraries, but now can't add any more. 


I'm at a bit of an impasse in terms of how to resolve this. I can try to estimate the number of items she's currently syncing, but if that comes out below the hard limit, I'm not sure how to "fix" the problem. This user is one of our research faculty who often travels to remote areas with poor or no internet access, so insists that all of this content be synced so she can access it anytime/anywhere.

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300K is the limit, but would not get a message. :(
What does the sync client say? Any Error message right now?