OneDrive and SharePoint : new repository to sync

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Hello guys,


I'm doing a mock-up with OneDrive and SharePoint Online. After the creation of my SharePoint site, I need to add the Documents repository to the OneDrive client for synchronisation. 


I found this procedure to do it, and it works :


However, I will have around 100 users that will have to use this SharePoint space. Is there a way to push a configuration directly onto their OneDrive to add this repository to syncing ? I know I have a nightmare ahead of me, if I have to ask all of them to go to the platform, then click on the sync button.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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There is a gpo coming soon you can Configuration to automatically sync selected libraries
Ill try find some more info
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Almost forgot, you can build a url link to initiate a sync! It’s a little work for each library link though! See the following link and scroll down a bit