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I just installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update yesterday to try out the One Drive On Demand.  It works well, however I was hoping it would have integration with One Drive for Business.  


Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, but is One Drive for Business still a thing?  It is still included with the Office 365 installation, so I assume it is useful.  It is nice to be able to have my personal account on my One Drive, and my work account on One Drive for Business, but if I'm forced to use One Drive in order to take advantage of One Drive On Demand, then I'm stuck.


Comments or suggestions?

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If you mean the old OneDrive for Business (Groove) client, that's all deprecated now. You can use the new, next-gen sync client, which supports both Personal and O365 accounts. And Files on demand.
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Also, this might be of interest, here is more info about the previous OneDrive sync client (Groove.exe) and Office 365 ProPlus, that it won't be installed by default and may be uninstalled if present already, from this month onwards.


Changes to the previous OneDrive sync client (Groove.exe) in Office 2016 Click-to-Run


"Note: The new OneDrive sync client (OneDrive.exe) is the recommended option for Office 365 customers. However, the previous OneDrive for Business sync client (Groove.exe) is still fully supported and is used for on-premises instances of OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Server."


Sounds like you are up and running with Files On-Demand but here is more info - Learn about OneDrive Files On-Demand.


"Files On-Demand works with all your personal and work files from OneDrive and SharePoint Online team sites."

So you are recommending One Drive Only and not One Drive for Business?  How to I uninstall One Drive for Business and also, can I have two accounts on my One Drive session?


For example, I'm logged into my tablet as my work office 365 account, but would also like to sync my personal one drive account.  can that be done?



Yes, I have on my system and it works pretty well. In fact I have the old Groove client running as well.

In my taskbar I see three "cloud" icons:

- OneDrive For Business, synced with my on premises MySite at a SharePoint 2013 farm 

- OneDrive for Business synced with my OneDrive in my cloud tenant

- OneDrive synced with my Personal OneDrive account (that one shows as a "white" cloud)

Yes with the Next Generation Sync client you can have both your personal OneDrive and Corporate OneDrive setup.  However, there is a GPO setting that can prevent syncing of your personal OneDrive

I think they are also removing it from O365 in an upcoming install and it'll uninstall from your clients when office is updated IF it's not been configured.



I've been using it in our company and with several customers with succes. But I figured if I'd download the latest OneDrive client and install it on Windows 8.1 (or Windows 7), it would have the same on-demand features, which isn't. It's correct that files on-demand is only available with Windows 10 Fall creators update?




That's correct, it's only available with the Windows 10 Fall creators update. There is a UserVoice idea to ask for wider support but it's relatively unlikely.