One Drive Migration Issues

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Hi all. I work for a company that has now merged it's IT platforms, such that my old profile and one drive is now (supposed to be) accessed or managed by the parent account. What I've discovered is that my "new" one drive (the parent company) has the file structure from my old account, but literally no files inside it. Furthermore, if I access my old one drive via windows, its no longer syncing and most of the files I can't access because they are "corrupt" or I don't have the appropriate "permissions". Many documents (PDFs, Excels, Word) all have the "x" on the icon.


What's more, is that I literally can't login to my old one drive anymore. When I enter the appropriate login information it pulls up the new one drive account for the parent. I've tried logging in both on the desktop itself and the online one-drive portal. Any entry with my old username (which I still utilize for email) links me to the new account...which as mentioned above doesn't have any data in it.



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It's hard to troubleshoot this without knowing the specifics of the migration performed, best talk to your IT folks/the migration team.