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Has anyone seen/heard about this issue? I just opened a ticket with MS on it, but wanted to see if anyone has any info.


When you check the box to limit external sharing by domain, and you add domains,

for this customer, its showing 11 domains that it can share with. When i click "Add Domains", i count 13 domains. I went ahead and added 1 more domain and clicked OK. It accepted it, but now it only shows 3 domains on the main page. When i click "Add Domains" , i still count 13 domains, and it is not showing the domain I just added. Matter a fact, the customer added the same domain 3 days ago, so, its been at least 3 days we have been tyring to add the domain, it acts like it saves it, but never does. I have tried adding 3 other domains, just to make sure it wasnt something with the domain we were adding, but its not accepting any new domains.


Anyone seen or heard anything about this or got any comments on it?


I will updated once i speak to Microsoft, but wanted to let you all know


Adding @Stephen Rose just for eyes or a comment

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Try PowerShell? Might be some UI issue.

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yea, we know PS works...that wasnt the issue..

You are correct, there is a bug in the UI. The Microsoft tech verfied it and is goign to look into it. So, 2 bugs really. 1, its not adding any more domains to the allowed list (after 13), and when you do add 1, it crops the display down to only showing 3 domains on the main page. You have to click "Add domains" to see the list of 13 domains.

Now, once we added the domain by PS, the list did show all 14 domains on main page, but once we clicked "Add domains" to add another test domain, it cropped it back down to only showing 3 domains on the main page, and that new domain does not show up. So, PS is the only way to add them at this time.

nice UI bugs
Hi all,

This doesn't sound right, let me check with the team and see what's going? Thanks for tagging me!

Stephen Rice
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No problem Stephen, let me know if you want my SR number. I had a senior suppot eng do a remote session and he verifed it is doing this. He was going to setup his lab and start testing his own. I got screenshots an all but they are on the SR ticket too

@Stephen Rice- I am getting ready to get off work.


I went ahead and private message you and left you my SR number and some other notes. just in case you needed them.


Hope that info helps


Thanks again