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I’m small and decided to test drive Office Business. I like it but have had some bumps.  Microsoft has worked to fix those issues and very satisfied.  But the latest issue is that OneDrive is not synching.  I want to keep files on the test PC and upload them to OneDrive in the cloud (copy in both places.) I have selected SYNC all files in the MANAGE section of ONEDRIVE icon (lower right pop up box) and yet when I check files online, only the main FOLDER has synced and the folders below that but the contents are not synching in these folders.  I am having to upload content folder and file individually to get the content in the cloud.  But how do I know it will sync afterwards?  Not sure what is going on but frustrating.  Can’t roll this out without knowing it will work.

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Sounds to me like you don't have the right account setup, or the files in the right location so they sync up. Some screenshots of settings and folder locaitons of both would help possibly, but selecting all, creates a onedrive, you just drag and drop files and folders into that OneDrive and it syncs up, not a lot to it.