NGSC Sync Best Practices

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My company is quickly approaching the point where we feel comfortable with rolling out the NGSC to address our storage requirements. We will be promoting 3 ways to sync data from cloud repositories (OneDrive, SharePoint Sites, Shared with Me). We are anticipating a problem area where I am hoping to get some help. The users obviously will try to sync everything initially and will significantly impact the storage on their local pc/laptop. Is there any best practice/how to information out there that addresses what to sync and when? I find a lot of information but it tends to be overly technical and not geared towards the end user. A cheat sheet would probably be best. I figured I would ask before I developed one. Thanks in advance.

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There's a bunch of great OneDrive training videos on the website.
Also when they first sign into the OneDrive sync client it will prompt them what folders they want to sync, and down the bottom of the window will show them the amount they are trying to sync vs. disk available. I would suggest educating users on selective folder sync.

@Loryan Strant Thanks for your reply. The problem with that approach is that the Onedrive, as implemented within O365, is completely different from the normal off the street OneDrive and as such the video are not accurate to the functionality available to my end users. 

Do you mean the OneDrive for Business that comes with Office 2016, or the OneDrive NGSC that is now for both O365 and the consumer OneDrive?
Are the videos on the site using the NGSC, or the Groove version of the client?
Admittedly I hadn't really looked at the syncing videos in detail.