New User without ODfB Site

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What happens if a new employee gets a computer with the NGSC installed, they have not visited O365 (so they don't have a ODfB site created) and they put files into the folder on their computer?


Will the sync process cause the creation of the ODfB site or will it fail because the site does not exist? 

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I could be wrong - but I've never seen the folder created until the ODfB is setup through SharePoint

The NGSC is included in Windows 10. Are you saying that nothing showed up in Windows Explorer until the user visited O365 and clicked on the OneDrive tile?

We always get the OneDrive folder in Explorer. The One Drive-Company Name never appears until we do the O365/SharePoint login

By the way, the client starts doing something when you specify your O365 I guess you will an error if the user is not poperly licensed