New sync Client supportability for SharePoint Online Team Sites libraries

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Hi Folks,

After deploying onedrive for 20+ PCs, here is my experience.
1.       Latest OneDrive for Business Sync client comes with Office365 Installer, prompts an error "This library can no longer be synced using this application. Please use the latest OneDrive application"
2.       Above prompt encourages to use latest OneDrive (Next Gen sync Client). Most people would simply install it and try to use but end of the day, it doesn’t support SharePoint Team Sites libraries which is the main usage for many customers. PCs which are having latest Office installed are in trouble.
3.       OneDrive for business not anymore for MAC? only possibility for MAC seems to be the Next Gen Sync Client (Latest OneDrive).
4.       Any timeline for SharePoint Team Sites Library Support down the road ?
5.       Is the OneDrive for Business discontinued ? What about MACs ?

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basically you should switch to NGSC whenever you can.
You can manually enable the SharePoint library sync via Registry edit. -

Do you have configured SPO tenant to use the new sync client? I'm using it at my corporate tenant and no needs to modify the registry in order to be able to use it
@Juan Arlos, Are you able to use it with Team Sites Libraries ? mind to share how you configured ?
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Yeap, nothing the SPO Admin Center just ve sure to have this setting enabled:
Sync Client for SharePoint -> Start the new client

does the switch work for you though?

Whenever I set it and click save and then check the page again, the switch is off again.

Finally everything works well. I moved all clients to new OneDrive (Next Gen Sync Client) and enabled the OneDrive Settings in O365 admin portal. Registry hack no longer requires and syncing with New client seems quite fast !




I was using this registry entry for over a month to sync libraries and all of a sudden it seems to have stopped working for IE11. Chrome works fine but not IE11...anyone have this experience? My clients are on version 17.3.6944.0627. I have tried a fresh laptop image with a test user, add the registry entry, stop/start OneDrive client, close all browsers...and the browser simply hangs at the Sync Now pop up. It seems to still work on my computer in IE11 so Im wondering if there may be some permissions issues at play here. Any Ideas?



I got to know that registry key no longer requires for the latest OneDrive setup (available here - I didn't had to use it for my new clients and the only requirement was to enable the OneDrive settings from the O365 SharePoint admin panel.




I cannot change O365 SharePoint admin options as My client has only 8 users and on a office365 premuim account not enterprise.


Any thoughts on how i get the Sync button to use the new Onedrive rather than the "onedriveforbusiness"



Have you checked, the new admin centre has a link for sharepoint admin for Business Premium subscribers?