New SharePoint and OneDrive capabilities accelerate your digital transformation

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Today, during the SharePoint Virtual Summit, we unveiled a new wave of innovations that build upon the vision we set forth last year to reinvent content collaboration and usher in a new generation of mobile and intelligent intranets.


Customers’ successes inspire us and illustrate how SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365 empowers individuals, teams and organizations to share with confidence, transform business process, inform and engage the organization, and harness collective knowledge. Today’s announcements make it easier than ever for you to drive these outcomes and accelerate your digital transformation.




Read more about it on the Office blog.

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Any update on the right-click context-menu "Get a Link"? I am yet to hear anything on this. This functionality is most essential for our users.


My users keep complaining of the convoluted process of getting a direct link to any file where they have to open their OneDrive or SharePoint library in browser and use the "Get Link" there.


The new "Share" option in the context menu shnown in the Virtual Summit yesterday, doesn't cut it for getting those links quickly enough. The new "Share" option will open up the dialog for sharing options in a window with embedded web interface which will be slow and frustating. We want that old "Get a Link" option back which was lightening fast and gave the direct link (relevant people) straight away without going through the hoops.

Think he means an actual URL shortcut to the file, not create an anonymous link to the file, becuase of right click function on the web this is hard as well since you can't use "Copy Shortcut" in the content menu via web page. If anything, add a context menu to new client AND web for Copy Link? Or Copy Shortcut.