Millions of files migrated to One Drive for Business from a file server with inherited permissions

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We have millions of files migrated to One Drive for Business from file server with inherited permissions that was at the file server. The migration was done using Sharegate.
Is there a way to delete the migrated inherited permissions at one drive for business. or workarounds? 

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In SharePoint you used to be able to just go to the document library settings and permissions then click on delete unique permissions and that would basically wipe out all your sub permissions.
Hi Chris,

But our case in One Drive for Business and I think it differs.
Shouldn’t. It’s the same tech. But they have been changing how sharing links thou so it could change but have you tried it?

@Ashish Kanoongo 
Thanks for your reply.
Is there any workaround to delete group permission on files that are existing in One Drive for Business.
I mean a powershell script or PnP script manage and delete group permissions on these large amount of files?

@Mohammad Amer @Chris Webb is correct, you can switch back to Classic, go to site content, documents and from there get to the permissions where as Chris says you can get to the setting 'delete unique permisisons'.

Thanks Tanya.
I have custom permissions that migrated from file server that will be lost. I need only to remove group permission.
do you have workaround?

Mohammad Amer
You made it sound like you wanted all permissions reset. If you copied these to a group site then you’ll have to go edit the members SharePoint group and remove the office 365 group from being a member of that group.
Hi Chris,

Can you please elaborate more your solution or workaround.

Your talking about Office 365 group permissions you need to remove right? Maybe take some screenshots explaining your scenario because it's not very clear what your request is.
But because it's onedrive I don't think it's office 365 group permissions, so I don't know what you mean by group permissions and custom permisisons. If the tool moved permissions over, then what is it you are trying to do if you aren't trying to get rid of all or them or reset, which is what my original option would do.