Major OneDrive update : whan does External SharePoint Online sync feature available ?

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I have installed the new OneDrive for Business preview and it synced correctly our OneDrive and SharePoint sites. But we miss one feature regardinf syncing "external" SharePoint Online documents library.

Some of my customers are sharing documents with me thru their SharePoitn Online tenant, I can not synchronize these libraries with the new OneDrive preview update. I still need to use old OneDrive for business client (groove). This is quite painfull as this client is quite buggy.

Is there any roadmap regarding the new client ?

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Shared with me in ODFB is coming to the sync client, but I have not heard that the same will come for SPO and Groups
In the last 24 hours our One drive for Business on our web application has dropped off, we cant see any files and have lost over 4 years work, we are really struggling to get an answer from anyone, we have contacted pretty much all the MS people we can, would this issue have come about due to the new upgrade????? All help appreciated