Frustrated One Drive User.

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I am new to One Drive.  I would love to have my files in the 'cloud' so I can get to them from any computer.  Here the problem I am having.


My main computer ( a desktop) has a 500 GB SSD drive for my system, programs, etc.  which is drive C:.  I have all my data stored on a separate 1.0 TB HDD drive.  I want to have my data files stored in the 'cloud'.  I don't want them on my system drive.  For some reason when I put my data into the 'cloud' it makes a copy of the OneDrive on C: and eats up all my available space for the system.  What am I doing wrong?  Or can this be fixed and I am asking the impossible?  Thanks.

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I think I understand your issue.  When you look at your files in Explorer, each should have a status that says: available online (a cloud) or available on device (green circle with check mark).  Right click the file you want to save in the cloud and select free up space.  This will free up space on your computer and save the file only in the cloud and change the status to a cloud also.  Please let me know if this solved your issue.



@B1rdW  are you saying that the folder and document icons resident on the C drive are shortcuts, not literal docs?