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Hi All


Testing of Files On-Demand seems to be working well, I just a question about keep on this device option, if you mark files or folders as 'keep on this device' and then click 'free up space' it moves the 'keep on this device' files and folders back to cloud-only.


Wouldn't it make more sense if these files were 'kept on the device' even when you run that.

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Hi @Trent,


"Keep a file offline" is how you tell the OneDrive Sync Client that you want to keep the file stored locally on the device. "Free up space" is the command for turning the file into a cloud-only file again. Hope that helps! 


Stephen Rice

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Thanks for your response, I understand that is how it works, I guess it was more of a suggestion that when someone marks for 'keep on this device' then they should always be kept on the device even when free up space in used. 


Even if you had a tick-box in settings to say something like "Don't make files marked as 'keep on this device' cloud-only when 'free up space' is used" 


More of a user experience expectation.



Makes sense, thanks for passing along your feedback Trent. I'll make sure it gets to the right folks on our team for them to consider. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II