Empty Recycle Bin not working (modern experience)

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In the modern experience, log in as a user that has > 2000 items in their OneDrive recycle bin.



  • User is unable to empty their OneDrive Recycle Bin.
  • Clicking “Empty Recycle Bin” only deletes 102 items and not all items.
  • Scrolling down past 2000 items generates an error.


Steps to reproduce 

  1. Navigate to OneDrive
  2. Click Recycle Bin
  3. Click Empty recycle bin
  4. Note number of 'selected' items (102 by default)
  5. Scroll down (again and again) until over 2000 items loaded
  6. Note error in browser




  1. Open a new ‘In-Private’ or ‘Incognito’ browser winder
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click OneDrive
  4. In the lower left, click ‘Return to classic OneDrive’ 
  5. Select Recycle Bin link in left navigation
  6. Select Empty Recycle Bin
  7. Close the browser window




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You should open a ticket. But this seems to be a bug so tagging here @Stephen Rice and @Stephen Rose

Thanks Juan.  I haven't opened a ticket (I'm sure it is a known issue), but I thought I'd share the workaround.

Hi Brian,

I’ll forward this around to the owners internally but please file a ticket so we can make sure this is tracked correctly. Thanks!

Stephen Rice
OneDrive Program Manager II

Opened Ticket #7898643

@Juan Carlos González Martín@Stephen Rice


Silly us!  It appears that the functionality of "Empty Recycle Bin" is working "as designed". 





Hello Brian,




This is Shahnawaz from Microsoft Office 365 support. This email is in reference to the Case # 30126-7898643.


I would like to inform you that as per your concern, I checked with my senior resources & found that we cannot delete more then 2000 items from OneDrive Recycle bin through Modern view because it is by-designed. There are some scripts which can  be used to empty OneDrive Recycle bin but that can be done through Back end & not at contomers end. Hence if you want you can provide your Valuable feedback regarding O365 product from the below link.


Also if you have any other suggession or concern then do let me know. I will be more than glad to assist you.


I appreciate your patience and understanding and thank you for your urgent attention.


Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Support.


Thanks & Regards,


Office 365 Support