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Hello. Our organization name is set up with a comma right now. I believe this drives the local OneDrive directory name (OneDrive - Name, Inc). If we edit the name to display without the comma, what would the effects be? Would the local drive recognize that change has been made? Or will it create a brand new directory? Thank you!

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This actually a good question, IMHO if you change the display name, the ODFB location name is not going to change...adding @Stephen Rice 

I am not sure either. Let me forward this thread to a sync expert and let them respond. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Renaming the OneDrive folder (actual path name) will not work as the client tries to "lock" the path. If the client is turned off, and then renamed - we will error out. You are able to change the friendly name of the entry that shows in file explorer, but note that this would not change the name that is accessible when navigating from command line.


The alternative here is renaming the tenant friendly name so the desired name can appear in all of the clients appropriately. However, we would not be able to smoothly transition for an already set up client. A client would need to a fresh setup, or be unlinked/relinked in order to handle the newly updated tenant name. Let me know if that helps!


Chris L.

I renamed our Organisation, and it caused a world of grief with my OneDrive ... advise not to do it. 


I had to re-sync my entire OneDrive and SharePoint folders ... 

Not the answer I was hoping for, but good to know. We're in pilot right now, so it would be less of a headache to handle this now instead of after O365 becomes available to all of our people.

Thanks, all!

@Deleted - did you need to re-synch SharePoint and OneDrive in order to get the new name to appear correctly, or did renaming the Company name in Org profile actually break synching for you?

It broke the sync for me. So I had to re-sync to get it to work ... very painful.

One of my staff renamed the Org profile ... fortunately not many had started using OneDrive or SharePoint at the time, it was a known list of people.


Would hate to do it now, with hundreds of users.

Hey Laura, Do you have any update on this? I came across to the same situation. The directory name was changed in the app but nothing happened in the desktop version.  



Hi Rafael. Honestly, no. After the responses, I was too chicken to try it. I didn't want the wrath of 750 employees on me ;)

I see. I have tried to do a bunch of things but nothing worked. Not sure if the application has any cache stored from the old folder connection. 

Finally, I got everything working for me. :)


Here is what I did after changing the Organization name and doing some researching for 2 days. I don't how would be the approach on PC because I work on a Macbook. 

1 - Make sure that OneDrive is not opened. 

2 - Open KeyChain Access and delete every single key file that contains the word 'OneDrive'. PS: You can search for those files in the search bar on the top right side. 

3 - Open up Finder > Right Click in OneDrive > ShowPackages > Resources and search for a file called ResetOneDriveApp.Command and Execute that file.

4 -  After doing that You should be able to set up OneDrive again with the new organization name. 





Anyone know of other effects of changing the Organization name than OneDrive? Where else does that name show up?


Honestly, the name of the OneDrive folder on a users local harddrive should not be dependent on that setting! If anything it should use whatever is in front of - but it should really just be a setting at


At work, our Organization Name is relatively long and given that there is a limitation to the number of characters allowed on the C:-drive, we should be able to keep the name as short as possible.

@Allan With Sørensen - we changed our Org name back in November due to concern over the Windows filepath limitations.


The only thing we noticed is that existing OD4B synch clients kept the old longer name, while only new OD4B synch setups , or recreated synch connections were updated with the new shorter name.



@Christopher Lomond 

its nearly end H1 2019 -  does the latest ODFB client still suffer from rename issues you outlined?

@Michael Baker 

In the official documentation (up to date as of 05/15/2019) it is mentioned that a name change on the organization (from the O365 admin portal) will NOT affect OneDrive sync on already installed clients. They will keep the old name until removed and reinstalled. New installs gets the new name.

Here is that sentence about OneDrive specifically: 
OneDrive sync client: The organization name is shown in File Explorer on Windows and Finder on Mac, the file paths, the OneDrive activity center, the tooltip of the OneDrive cloud icon, and the OneDrive settings window. Currently, updating the organization name does not update it for configured clients.

Here is the link to that documentation:

Hope that helps :)

@Erik Olsson  This does not always seem to be the case, lesson learned. @Michael Baker

Resurfacing this issue... We had the same problem: org name as originally entered was long and had a comma. Problems ensued, so we were prepared to resync as needed. However, following the org name change, attempted to unlink and relink (on Windows 10), ODFB still insists on a path with the old name. So, uninstalled OneDrive, removed the related registry entry, reinstalled OneDrive; still shows old org name in path. Tried reinstall a few times, adding reboots in the mix. Nothing worked. I am stymied how to change path name.
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